The Best Hairdressing Uniforms


hairdressing uniformsAre you looking for the perfect hairdressing uniforms? If you are still clueless as to what kind of hairdressing uniforms will do the magic for you then you are in the right track as you read on to know more about choosing the best uniforms.

Several guidelines must be taken into consideration when you and your company decide to have uniforms for everybody. In fact, the decision to use hairdressing uniforms should never be considered as an afterthought because the kind of uniform you have will dictate how the public views your company. There are several styles of uniforms available today, but the following are some of the tips you can follow to arrive at the perfect hairdressing uniforms:


  • Dress to impress – in most establishments, especially personal care centers, the first thing that welcomes your clients is how you dress and look like. It is not enough to look good but also neat.  If you plan to have hairdressing uniforms, it is very important to consider the impact it will create to your customers. You want them to see something that is both pleasing and polished in the eyes.  If you fail to consider this factor, it is more likely that your client may not opt to return for your services. salon hairdressing uniforms
  • Choose the right colors – If you want to be on the safe side, choosing single colors are your best bet. But if you cannot help it and you want some color combinations then choose those that are not too complex at first glance. You want to capture the attention of the client but not too much that they are annoyed by the hairdressing uniforms you wear.
  • Stay fashionable – there are several cuts and styles of hairdressing uniforms that you can find. The World Wide Web is rich with content regarding the suitable designs of hairdressing uniforms that are popular among many hair stylists.  Always remember that people will stare at you simply because you are in a workplace where beauty is a byword.
  • Consider the expense – allotting a certain amount of budget for the uniform is also important. Sometimes you have an idea for a uniform but going overboard with regard to its cost is not a bright idea. Choose the one that is economical yet durable to last for a long time.  There are different clothing materials available that can help augment the costs.  Choose at least 3 candidates for your uniform and make a decision after asking your people which among the three they prefer.

hairdressing uniforms tunicDressing up for work is as important as you would do if you are going out for a date or an important meeting. It is always about showing your best foot forward in order to catch the attention of your client.  The wide array of uniforms that are being sold out in the market will give you a range of choices that you would otherwise not have if left to think about it on your own.  Uniforms are a symbol of your service and quality so choose very well.

Which Brand Makes the Most Stylish Esthetician Uniforms?

esthetician uniformsEsthetician uniforms are usually tacky and boring. But as someone whose main task is to make people look good, it’s important that an esthetician wears a uniform that exudes three qualities – style, confidence, and beauty.

Which brand makes the most fashionable esthetician uniforms?

1. Fashionizer Spa Uniforms

Fashionizer is one of few brands that are able to produce uniforms that combine style and comfort. Their fully customized uniforms are made purposely to give your spa that much-needed uniqueness and distinction.

To capture exactly what you want, a talented team of designers sits down with you to discuss your requirements. They may also visit your spa to take a good look at your interiors, so they can give you a better suggestion.

When the design is complete, the next step is to put the concept to reality through the use of organic fabric. Organic fabric is not only comfortable, but it is also environmentally friendly and allergen-free.

Some of Fashionizer’s most popular designs are their Zeta tunic, Saphoria trousers, and Aquarii Tunic.

2. Simon Jersey

Aside from being stylish, Simon Jersey uniforms are known for two reasons – impeccable tailoring and pristine fabric. The company knows its way around fabric, experimenting with different blends to give the wearer that “luxurious feel.”

Some of the blends include the following:

    • 50% cotton and 50% poly which results in a uniform that stays durable even after many wash-and-wears
    • 65% poly and 35% cotton, which results in a wrinkle-free and shrink-resistant fabric
    • 98% polyester and 2% Viscose, which gives you a stretch fabric

This season, Simon Jersey has released bold designs that would surely make a statement. Some of the designs included in the collection include the following:

    • contrast lapel tunic
    • bolero tunic
    • zip tunic
    • block tunic
    • angle neckline tunic

These designs have the following color combinations: black-light olive, black-teal, black-hot pink, and black-red.

3. Tao Freedom

esthetician uniforms - Tao FreedomIf Fashionizer and Simon Jersey create the chic types of uniforms, Tao Freedom’s creations are very fashion-forward, staying true to the brand’s reputation as the couture of esthetician and spa uniforms.

This season, the company’s collection features different design elements such as the following:

    • drapes to allow fluid movement 
    • details to elongate the legs
    • retro element to merge the present with the past

But though the designs can be outlandish, they are functional and they’re made from comfortable fabric. You can wash these clothes in cold water, so if you’re looking for a way to cut on energy costs, Tao Freedom has the solution for you. Aside from that, the fabrics used in the uniforms are Scotchgard protected. This fabric technology absorbs moisture, making you feel comfortable at all times.

All uniforms from Tao Freedom are customizable. You can create your own design, or work with their team to come up with uniforms that fit your spa. You can also choose your own colors, or choose from the company’s existing color palette. Either way, the resulting uniforms will no doubt be stylish and comfortable.